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The Unremembered SANLC Archive Script February 2017, Portsmouth 1

South African Native Labour Corps archive script

The Unremembered Narrator 1

Dense fog before dawn on the morning of 21 February 1917, the troop carrier SS
Mendi was on the final leg of the journey from Cape Town to Le Havre and had
reached the Isle of Wight. She was carrying hundreds of men from the South
African Native Labour Corps to serve on the Western Front.


A Re Aging Afrika -Borwa-Let us build South Africa

In response to the flyer for a meeting scheduled 7th November 2015, in the South Africa (SA) house. There is a need for strong, solid foundation for a superstructure. That foun¬dation is SA Diaspora UK.
I found Diaspora enhancing what is stipulated in the constitution of South Africa “ building a united and democratic South Africa able to take its rightful place as a sovereign state in the family of nations”.

The Future of SA Youth

From the Perspective of An Expert
As a South African expatriate who experienced life back home during Mbeki’s reign, as well as seeing the final years of Tony Blair’s parliament, I can say that the development and understanding of my future is a mixture of broad, open minded freedom which still yearns for belonging.

Children travelling to South Africa

 In cases of extreme emergency, applicants concerned should send their emergency requests to:

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