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Diaspora Youth Development Team:London Inner City Soccer World Cup Tournament



The Youth Development Team is resuming activities. We invite all the football loving kids and parents to be part and parcel of this exciting venture. We are honoured with high level FA Qualified Coaches and ex-Professional players, all eager to help our kids improve their soccer potential. This also grants them the pride of representing their motherland in the upcoming tournaments of 2016. We’d like all boys and girls who are actively involved in football to get in touch as soon as possible. We have various age groups of teams pre-registered for the upcoming London Inner City World Cup. These range from an under 10s team through to an under 18s team.
Please contact us using the details below or any member of the SA Diaspora committee. Let us all support our children and help them make their mark.

In addition to training preparations, we are looking at the week beginning 28 March to 1st weekend of April for competitive practice matches, so please do advise on your availabilities.

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

M: 07424627622


 Diaspora Sports project



Diaspora Sports project is a once in a life time opportunity for all the South African community of all colors, race and political parties living in the United Kingdom, for sharing knowledge and building strong youth through Sports and Development.

This unique project needs organized structures to be able to succeed. We aim to form football teams for different age groups. All the SA

Youth Teams will be required to meet every half term if permitted by their affiliated local clubs We major tally focus on football for the youth in this country, with age groups ranging from under-10s to under-18s, to expose them to top level coaching and enhancing their potential and understanding of the game they love.

They will get a high level coaching from the top professional coaches and International footballers as well as play friendly matches according to their managers and advancement, and helps to unite our nation.



Sports address the social and economic challenges and promote humility (ubuntu) as well as global public health for our future leaders Sports is a tool for peace, cooperation and advancement, and helps to unite our nation.

Journey so far LUCk

Last year we have launched the Mandela Cup which is the first South African football tournament in the UK. The tournament was successfully defended
by our under 16s team beating Stoneham under16 team. The next season our management team is working hard to make Mandela Cup
even bigger to include the under 10s, 12,14, 16, 18, and senior team.
We are also taking part in the Inner City Tournament, love football and Africa Cup of Nation We ask all parents with and their children who are active in football school or club to please register them with us at Diaspora website



Our management team is focused at all County Football representatives We aim to make high level football coaching and develop to
accessible to our youth who are actively involved in the game to enhance their skills and accelerate their footballing career by
displaying their skills to the possible employers. To prepare them mentally to be able to deal with the success and
failure as well as rejection and disappointments that exist in the football world.To educate the youth about balancing their academic and sports.

Diaspora’s sports activities are free, family friendly events inviting everyone to come together and enjoy watching their children display their talent
as well as having opportunity make friends with their fellow country peoples.We want to bring the entire community together,
and help people get to know one another in a fun and easy way.
The events are held at various places around the country. We are planning to have a football tour in South African in the next two years.
These events follow in the Legacy of Nelson Mandela of building one country, and one strong happy nation.

Our Vision for 2016
Participants who do well and attend sessions regularly will be given priorities to the benefits like free tickets to the South African events and
We are also taking part in the following Tournaments in the summer 2016.LUCg

      • Inner City

      • Tournament

      • love football

      • Africa Cup of

      • Nation

      • Mandela Cup

These tournaments are open to all South Africans children’s who are actively involved in sports, boys and girls of any color or race. I hope South Africans will drive this project to succeed.





The Inner City World Cup Tournament

                                                                             The event took place on23/24 May 2015 in London at Hackney Marshers.




Emerging future Bafana-Bafana talents made their presence to be felt in The Inner City World Cup.

The Inner City World Cup - prides itself on supporting exciting footballers in Diaspora – was graced by a strong but new South Africans’ under 10 and 12 footballers. The stage was really high but that did not intimidate the South African emerging talent.
The boys started in low pace since it was their first meeting as a team. Regardless of that, they picked themselves up and started playing what they know best. The management team Mr Mtshweni,  Makola and Lekete came up with wise words to encourage and boast the lads’ morale which really had positive impact on their attitude, focus and ability to fight for each other. Parents were on their toes; their voices were in a high pitch due to leaving the vuvuzelas home, cheering the young lions from the touchline. The atmosphere was electrifying, the boys were on fire, and the opponents were shaking and had nowhere to hide. It was a real deal, new comers dictating terms, the veterans from academies who have been playing together for almost  two years were sometimes muscled out by the boys who have being together for only twenty minutes.
The management team and the parents were pleased with the way the lads played and competed, and the results were not much of concern.


South Africa knocked out of the competition



One of the scholars once said: ‘’the only bad workout is the one that didn’t Happen.’’
South African  football team in UK participated in a high standard Inner City World Cup tournament. The stage was set, the mood was high and the completion was massive. Team S.A. was drawn with Portugal, Morocco and Mauritius. It was one of the toughest groups of the tournament, but our boys fought hard to be reckoned with. The games started at 10h00 am and finished very late in the afternoon. It was indeed a day not to be missed.Unfortunately team S.A. did not manage to win or draw a single game hence I said the competition was very high.

 CONTACT - Elias Motsweni -This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Join us for Mandela: The Legacy Debate on 16th Jul 2018 at Southbank Centre., chaired by BBC presenter Zeinab Badawi.see Events page!

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